How to become a true professional

How to become a true professional in both old & new school MLM
In this video Joel Therien founder of GVO group of companies talks about the importance of branding yourself.

Why is personal branding important?  Well suppose you are loyal to promoting one business and for some reason it should stop trading then the people you had introduced to that business are left not knowing what to do. Therefore in order to promote a business it’s important to brand yourself so you build up a following of people who Know, Like and Trust you!

With our business you have been given a referral link so you can promote the opportunities you have joined. But what if you were able to promote instead of using our link, then people would join your list and you would have personal contact. You could have regular updates telling them about you, your family and your business.

Getting your own name with a .com can be quite difficult however we find the best provider is Godaddy.  Having registered your own name domain you now need to make it live so will require hosting. The service I have used for 15 years is GVO and will cost as little as $9.97 a month. Next I suggest installing WordPress which will make it easy to navigate and build a website. Now your website is live start to add posts about yourself so people get to know. Add banners to our business so people click and join the business. Alternatively if you don’t want to create this type of a website you can simply redirect www.yourownname site to your affiliated link with our business.

We do offer a service to set up a WordPress website which you can then promote. This service has a one off cost of $49. Please email for this service