How To Make Money

In January 2020 I returned to Northern Ireland after a 14-week vacation to Malyasia and Australia.

One year earlier my finances would not have stretched to have such a vacation. Enough to say that property crashes and divorce cost me my wealth.

So what changed to allow me to travel to the opposite side of the world and stay in top accommodation 5 star hotels?

Simply three words changed my finances:   Crypto Currency and Gold

Back in April 2019 I learned of a blockchain technology to make secure transfers and trading on the exchanges using Artificial Intelligence. To become part of this program I needed to deposit a minimum one tenth of a Bitcoin. I soon saw daily returns accumulate so decided to tell family and a few friends. They too saw the possibilities of creating future wealth with crypto currency so bought Bitcoin and made deposits into the program.

Withdrawing some of the daily returns I was then able to buy more crypto currencies and gold.

Since I returned home Covid-19 has changed the World and consequently many millions of people have become unemployed. Governments have been printing currencies like confetti to help prop up their economies and this results in inflation and the cash in your wallet or bank account buying less and less every week.

My goal now is to help as many people as I can to improve family finances.

To do this I am going to introduce you to a number of business programs which will provide returns on deposits you make into the program.  They will all have an opportunity to earn additional incomes by sharing with other people and believe me everyone needs this information.

Let’s start with Crypto Currency

Started in April 2019 MTI is a crypto/forex trading program using Artificial Intelligence. Since starting it has had one trading day with a small loss. All other days have produced profits of over 1% minimum. Start with MTI by depositing Bitcoin to a minimum value of $100 and a percentage of this is then traded Monday to Friday with the profit compounded to your balance each day.

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