Getting Started

Getting Started with My Top Wealth Club

Congratulations on joining Top Wealth Club. The purpose of Top Wealth Club is to provide members with business opportunities, which we believe, having reviewed in great depth will allow you to create additional income but more importantly provide a way of saving and securing wealth for future years. By joining My Top Wealth Club and introducing others you will also create extra revenue as we pay you a staggering 35% on all subscriptions.

Additionally many of the opportunities we have researched are focused on generating wealth for your future. Whether you need to change your vehicle, send kids through college, take a long overdue vacation or save for retirement free from all financial stress My Top Wealth Club has the product for your individual needs.

Please now watch the short video to learn how to navigate around Top Wealth Club.

As we progress through the video you will be introduced to programs which we recommend you join to create monthly incomes or future wealth. You will  be able to watch a previously recorded webinar or go straight to the Sign Up Now button of the person who invited you to join My Top Wealth Club.

If you are already a member of any business  please just enter your username in the box provided and then proceed.

Your username will then be propagated through our software so that anyone you refer to My Top Wealth Club will be able to join the programs using your links so you make money.

If you click on Personal Profile you will be able to edit any of your personal details.

This is where you see your personal referral link to send to other people {} in this example the user is hazelbank.

You may also add links to your social media pages.

As you have now joined our programs or already belong to so have inserted your username this will automatically update in your Personal Profile.

We have tried to make My Top Wealth Club user friendly but if you require any support please use our Contact Us page.