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I’m finally impressed with a successful company. I hope you take the time to watch this video and let me know your thoughts:..

In the past I have joined many programs some successful and some simply there to steal from those who trusted enough to make deposits. The majority of these programs do not have an owner who is prepared to go public or use a fake profile pertaining to be the owner.

Now finally I Discover AladdinBot, a totally decentralized Trading Bot headed by an Australian. On research I soon find this is not any Australian but is infact is Mark Davis a well known and highly respected author and crypto currency expert. So I send an email and have an immediate response. Mark lives in Brisbane, a short 6 kilometers from where I’m staying, so we make arrangements to meet.

Having spent several hours with Mark I’m much happier with the long-term prospects of AladdinBot. He was able to answer my questions and give me genuine answers and insights into the company and their future plans.

To register with AladdinBot you must have a referral code. You are asked for your name and email address and you create a password. You are then given the option to make a deposit in Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT. The minimum to deposit is $400 (please remember to add a few dollars extra to cover transaction fees).

The options with AladdinBot are:

JazzBot with deposit from $400 to $1999 earning 1.5% daily and expected to double in 67 days.

AutoBot has a minimum $2,000 earning 2% daily with doubling expectation in 50 days.

Compound over 90 days with the CompoundBot earning 1.5% to 2% daily with $2,000 minimum fund.

LiquidityBot earns 2.5% daily with minimum $8,000 and doubling expectation in only 40 days.

For the higher net worth client the GenieBot with $100,000 deposit earns 2.8% daily.

For the Millionaire client the SultanBot pays 3.2% daily on your minimum $1million fund.

With all Bots, except the 90 day CompoundBot, capital can be withdrawn at anytime. Withdrawals are all within 72 hours.

You can use the AladdinBot Calculator to see the potential returns on your deposit.

Discover AladdinBot by clicking here

Watch a recording of a recent webinar and hear direct from CEO Mark Davis.