Karatbars Q and A

Questions and Answers

Why would I want to buy gold?
Everyone has a genuine attraction to gold and most see it as a bright shiny metal frequently used in the jewellery industry. Gold has some very unique qualities however, when it is pure (999.9) 24karat, then it becomes something everyone wants and needs. 24karat gold is considered money and can be used in many countries for the settlement of debt. Everyone wants and needs money so everyone wants and needs gold. In fact, gold is a better grade of currency than the paper money you may have in your pocket because gold is inflation proof. Gold is a stable investment in times of crises and the demand for gold is higher than the supply. Top financial advisors suggest you have at least 10% of your portfolio in gold. Therefore, gold is security for you and your family and it is imperative that you should buy and accumulate gold on a regular basis! All the wealthy estates and individuals have gold savings, so why not you?

When I take the cost of an ounce of gold and divide it by 31 (the number of grams in an ounce of gold), the result is a lot less than the actual price for a gram of gold. Why is that?
When you take an ounce of gold and break it down into affordable gram bars the refinery will lose some gold in the melt down so it is more costly to produce smaller amounts. It’s to do with the quantities of scale and applies to nearly everything you purchase. A cup of coffee is 3.50 yet a jar of coffee in the supermarket is only 5.99. As with most things, the larger the amount of goods you purchase at a time, the less you pay per individual portion and the same applies to gold. In fact, if you purchase a 5g bar of gold you will find it is 20% cheaper than buying 5x individual 1 g bars.
Remember, make sure you are comparing apples to apples when looking at prices! Not all gold is the same!

Why would people buy gold by the gram if it is more expensive this way?
It is not more expensive! It is priced correctly and pro rata for small amounts to be produced this way. A kilo of gold is priced at over $40,000 US. An ounce of gold is priced at over $1250 US. Therefore, saving gold bullion in large amounts doesn’t suit very household. On the other hand, having the ability to participate in gold and building wealth in 1g, 2.5g and 5 gram bars means everyone can be a potential customer. This is affordable gold savings for the masses 1gram at a time!

NB: Most internet prices for 1 gram bars are artificial and more than often, the same firm quoting their 1g price simply cannot deliver it. They are not interested in the little customer and they set high minimum order quantities to make it worth their while. Karatbars is there for the masses to purchase gold and will honour the 1g price they quote on the day and supply the physical product in small affordable denominations.

Is this one of those pyramid things?
Pyramid selling is illegal. If Karatbars were doing anything illegal in Germany or anywhere else worldwide, they would have been brought into line or closed down by now. They are a legitimate, transparent Company based in mainland Europe. They pay their taxes in Germany and they employ real people in real offices. They have been vetted by the most discerning customers and by their strategic partners and clients for many years now. This is an honest business that delivers real product to real customers all over the world.
Karatbars International GmbH is classified as an E-Commerce business which offers an affiliate programme much like Amazon.com. Karatbars International adheres to the rules set forth by Germany and the World Trade Organization. Unlike network marketing or mlm, there are no sponsoring requirements and there are no purchase requirements from the company. The 12 Week Plan is an OPTIONAL system where the affiliate chooses to personally commit to follow this programme. It is, by no means, a requirement to receive commissions. Karatbars is and always will be, free to register as a customer or an affiliate and there is no commissions paid for recruiting. Commission is only earned when a product is sold.

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How do I know the gold in Karatbars is really high quality gold?
Karatbars have been putting their gold bars physically into the marketplace since 2011 and have more than 200,000 customers/affiliates with the product. Every single bar is really high quality and not once have they been challenged for poor quality.
Karatbars have the embossed stamp of the LBMA refinery on the gold bars that certifies quality and weight. The LBMA stamp is one way to confirm this is not fake.
Also included is an embossed serial number, the refinery assayer’s signature, plus the card is sealed with a thin film providing additional security features. There is also the karat bars unique multi dimensional hologram that covers the back of the gold bars to be sure it cannot be tampered with without being noticeable. All of these features enable any informed individual to quickly and instantly confirm the Karatbar is genuine and is not counterfeit.
There is no better grade or quality gold available on the planet!

What is the LBMA?
The LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) is an international trade association, representing the London market for gold bullion. This includes the majority of the gold-holding central banks, private sector investors, mining companies, producers and refineries.
Karatbars only deals with accredited LBMA refineries to ensure delivery of quality product for the customers and affiliates.
To learn more about the LBMA, go to www.LBMA.org.uk

What do 999.9 and 24K stand for?
Both 999.9 and 24K are methods to measure the purity of the gold.
The gold content of alloys is measured in carats (k). Pure gold is designated as 24K and is often considered as the only “real” currency that is inflation proof. Pure 24K gold can be used for the settlements of debts and often is between Nations. Pure gold bullion is therefore money and can be exchanged for paper money with Karatbars International.

How do I actually get the gold I purchase from Karatbars International?
At your request, the company will ship your gold via their preferred partner FedEx. You also have the option to store it in one of their secure storage facilities if you would prefer to accumulate a certain quantity before shipping. The good news is that your gold delivery is guaranteed and insured to your door.

What if Gold goes up in price?                                                                                                           Great News! Your savings and your income goes up as a consequence.

What if gold goes down in price?                                                                                                     Great news! Buy more, accumulate more and take advantage of the price drop. Increase your wealth!

Where can I find my commissions to be paid to me?
Log into http://karatbars.com
This takes you to your Dashboard…


There are 3 payout calculations you will receive:
* Pending Unilevel Payout Unilevel calculations are run on the 11th of each month to determine Unilevel rank and commission level. The Pending UniLevel bonus pays out on 1st business day of each month onto your Karatbars Debit Card.

example: Monthly Commission Run …Feb 11th – March 11th… pays out on April 1

* Pending Dual Payout is the total amount of commissions earned from the previous weeks business. The time period from the previous weeks activity, from Saturday to Friday midnight CET (Germany)

This field will go to zero once the commissions have been transferred to the Karatbars debit card each Friday. The field is now ready to accept current commission which has been earned from the “Dual Commissions this Week” field.

* Dual Commissions This Week are calculated in real time. The commissions will accrue in real time from the Dual Team System current week of business. The week’s current cycle ends at Friday midnight CET (Germany). At the week’s close of business, the total commissions from the “Dual Commissions This Week” field will move up to the Pending Dual Payout field. Commissions will be paid out the following Friday to the Karatbars debit card.

When is the MasterCard account setup? And do I have to do anything to get it?
The MasterCard account is set up once you have earned a minimum of €35 in commissions. The set-up of the card is €20 and the balance of €15 is the amount for the minimum deposit on the card. The card may also be pre-ordered prior to commissions.

Can my Spouse be included on my Karatbars account and order a separate MasterCard?
Karatbars International does not offer joint accounts. However, spouses may choose to have individual accounts created. Each Karatabar account has an option to add 1 beneficiary and all Karatbar accounts can only have 1 Karatbars MasterCard setup to receive commissions for that 1 particular account.

What if I want cash for my karatbars, how can I convert them?
Karatbars International has a buy-back option where you can sell your gold back to the company for the current buy-back price that day, less a small fee. This price is posted in real-time via the Karatbars International website. Your money is transferred to your Karatbars International Mastercard.
You can also sell to any interested customer/affiliate or collector of gold bullion or you can go to a local gold dealer and sell your karatbars for spot price at that particular time. Remember, karatbars are 999.9% pure 24K gold. Karatbars is presently in the process of setting up with the help of affiliates any conventional business/shop that is interested in opening a Karatbars Exchange Centre where customers will be able to walk in off the street and either purchase items in that shop priced in gold or simply exchange their gold for cash at that days rate.

What are the tax implications?
You will be considered an Independent Contractor. All questions of this manner should be referred to a trusted specialist who is familiar with the laws of the country in which you reside. Each individual should adhere to the tax guidelines & requirements where they reside.

Where can I view the official Terms and Conditions document for Karatbars International?
The Terms and Conditions are located in our back office. You can register for a free account to view these terms and conditions without any obligation. The primary rules are to be honest and of good character. We do not allow affiliates to use the words investment nor give tax advice unless they are fully licensed by their local states/ province or Country. All questions of this manner should be referred to a trusted specialist who is familiar with the laws of the country in which you reside.

What can I use the €100 Bonus Card towards

S.No Product Name
1 VIP Package
2 25 Bonus Cards 3%
3 5 Bonus Cards 100 €
4 K-Exchange Business
5 Package Upgrade Silver -> VIP
6 Package Upgrade Gold -> VIP
7 VIP Exclusive Package
8 Package Upgrade Silver -> VIP Exclusive
9 Package Upgrade Gold -> VIP Exclusive
10 Package Upgrade VIP -> VIP Exclusive
11 Package Upgrade Bronze -> VIP
12 Package Upgrade Bronze -> VIP Exclusive
13 Multi Gram Card 100 x 1g
14 Branding Cards (minimum 1000 Cards)