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50/50 Crowd Funding

50/50 Crowd Funding is a Peer-To-Peer Team Crowdfunding System, which means there is no waiting for a Wheelhouse to fill, no middleman and 100% of all donations are immediately assigned to a beneficiary.

There are a total of just 6 Donation Pods in your Wheelhouse and the simple explanation to complete it is this… YOU HELP 2 AND THEY HELP 2.

When your Wheelhouse fills another one automatically and immediately opens for you to receive more donations without additional efforts or requirements!

50/50 Crowdfunding is the world’s first crowdfunding system allows you to receive half of everything that happens in your organisation forever! It is based on the world famous Mobius Loop and the system G Technology, which is the most successful Peer-To-Peer Team Crowdfunding Program in history!

50/50 is a team crowdfunding system that provides both help from above and below and you can receive donations just seconds after registering.givers

When your 2 x 2 Wheelhouse fills another one automatically & immediately opens for you to receive more donations without additional efforts or requirements!

50/50 crowdfunding provides you with an easy to navigate, a totally automated dashboard that displays everything in real-time to allow you to monitor your donations second by second. The 5050 system has built-in safeguards that keep your crowdfunding activities protected and the system cannot be manipulated.

50% of the 2 donations from your 1st center (1 and 2) goes to you and 50% goes to the person directly above you..

50% of the 4 donations from your 2nd center (3,4,5 and 6) goes to you and the other 50% goes the person on your 1st center.





We Prove it Free

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